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Destroyit Super Micro-Cut


       Detsroyit Super Micro-Cut (SMC) Shredders produce a shred particle so small, they actually exceed the highest DIN security level. All models meet NSA/CSS specifications and are RCMP approved. 


       Destroyit Deskside business shredders put effective data security right at your side. Specifically designed for office use, these machines are more powerful and last longer than ones purchased from office superstores. A wide model range allows you to choose the perfect shredder for your specific needs. All have quiet motors, high sheet capacities, and a variety of electronic features for easy and safe operation. Every deskside strip- and cross-cut model will accept staples and paper clips and several will shred CDs.

Shredders RCMP Approved
Boomerang Digital
Supply Arrangement  #E60HN/12SHRD/009/HN
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